Luigi Marciante, Jr. In Memorium

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Team SOS

Enza Marciante was so inspired by Trisha Meili's book, that she asked her to be the Keynote speaker at an event at her place of work. Trisha subsequently invited Enza to attend the Achilles Dinner Gala in November of 2005. Enza had an immediate connection to the FREEDOM TEAM since her brother Louie was serving in the Army. Consequently, she participated in both the 2006 and 2007 Hope and Possibility Races. Afterwards, she spoke with her brother on the phone about seeing the recently wounded veterans running on their prosthesis and racing in handcycles so soon post injury. Louie vowed that, when he returned from his tour in Iraq, he would participate with his sister. Sadly, three months later on September 20, 2007, CPL Louie Marciante Jr. was killed in combat.

Hope and Possibility 5M

Despite the tragic loss of her beloved brother, Enza did something extraordinary. She created a team called Support Our Soldiers, a group of Gold Star Families that would unite each year at the Hope & Possibility Race to endow handcycles for the FREEDOM TEAM in memory of their fallen family members. Support our Soldiers, now four hundred strong, has raised over $150,000 and endowed thirty handcycles for the Freedom Team. Enza received the Achilles Service Member of the Year Award and is an avid supporter of the Achilles Freedom Team. To learn more about the Achilles Freedom Team click here!

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Luigi Marciante, Jr. In Memorium
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